PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
^B01 Data Release Mode (Continued)
Command Options:
When Command ^B01 is invoked, the following format is used:
^B01[,type][,source][@n][,n] [Enter]
,type Data Type: Offers the following options:
,D or ,STD Standard (Non-Alarm) Records.
,A or ,A1 Records for Alarm Filter 1.
,A2 Records for Alarm Filter 2.
,ALM Records for both Alarm Filters.
,"clue" Records for clue only. The clue
name must be enclosed in quotes.
,source Source Port: Offers the following options:
,PA Records received via the Serial
PBX Port.
,PI Records received via the PBX IP Port.
@n Offset: Data release starts with the "nth" record. For
example, ^B01@50 will start with the 50th record. If
a negative offset value is entered, NetLink II will determine
the starting point by counting backwards from the end of
the current partition.
,n Count: Releases records in groups of "n", where n is a
positive, whole number.
If both Alarm Filters include a clue with the same name, the
command must specify the desired filter. For example, if Alarm
Filters 1 and 2 both include a clue named TEST, to retrieve data
from filter 1, the command line would read ^B01,A1,"TEST".
Each command option is preceded by a comma, with the
exception of the Offset option (@n). This option is preceded by
the "@" character. Do not enter a comma before the @ character.
Square brackets are not included in the command line. They are
shown here to indicate an option.
Options can also be combined. For example, ^B01,"clue",n will
release records for clue in groups of n records.
Corresponding Menu Function: Main Menu, Item 2.
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