Command Reference Guide
^B00 Set/Reset Memory Partition (Continued)
Command ^B00 uses one of the following formats:
^B00[,type][,source] [Enter] or ^B00[,R] [Enter]
,type Data Type: Offers the following options:
,D or ,STD Standard (Non-Alarm) Records
,A1 or ,A Records that match Alarm Filter 1
,A2 Records that match Alarm Filter 2
,ALM Include All Alarm Records
(Not Specified) Include all data
,source Source Port: Offers the following options:
,PA Records received via the Serial PBX Port
,PI Records received via the PBX IP Port
(Not Specified) Records from both ports
,R Release Data Partition: The "R" option cannot be
combined with other ^B00 arguments.
^B00,D Set partition to include all records that did not match an
Alarm Clue, regardless of Input Port that received them.
^B00,A1,PI Include records that match Alarm Filter 1, and were
received via the PBX IP Port.
^B00,R Release the current data partition.
Corresponding Menu Function: Buffer Functions, Items 2 and 3.
^B01 Enter Data Release Mode
Releases data collected from the PBX Ports.
When data is released in groups of "n" records (e.g., ^B01,30),
command ^B02 is sent to release the next group.
To exit Data Release Mode and return to command mode, type
^B30 [Enter].
If the XON/XOFF function is enabled at the appropriate port,
NetLink II will respond to XON/XOFF flow control codes during
data release mode.
If "Data on ^B01" is disabled, and ^B01,n is invoked to release
data in groups of "n" records, a ^B02 is required in order to
release the first group.
If "Hold End Data" is enabled, a ^B02 is required in order to
release the End Data message.
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