PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
3. Access via TCP/IP Network: If network parameters for the
NetLink II unit have been assigned (see Section 5.4.5), key the
NetLink II's IP address into your Telnet client, or establish a telnet
session using the following format:
telnet ipaddress [port] [Enter]
ipaddress NetLink II's assigned IP Address.
port (Optional) The desired Port Number. If this item
is omitted, telnet will connect to port #23 by default;
Command Echo will be set according to NetLink II's
current configuration, and $FF Stuffing will
be enabled. Options:
2001 Behaves the same as Port #23.
3001 Preconfigured with echo enabled and
$FF Stuffing Off.
a) If the password is enabled, the "PollCat-NetLink" (password)
prompt will appear.
b) Key in a valid password and press [Enter]. Note that the
Password feature is case-sensitive.
c) After a brief pause, the Main Menu or the "Ready" prompt will
appear. If the "Ready" prompt is displayed, press [Enter] to
display the NetLink II Main Menu.
d) To end a session, disconnect using your Telnet software.
In order to control or configure the unit via network, you must
first access command mode via the Modem Port or Console Port,
and enable the Telnet Access option (Network Parameters Menu,
Item 31) as described in Section 5.4.5.
When the NetLink II unit is reset to default parameters, Telnet
Access will be disabled by default.
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