PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
3. Save Configuration Parameters and Exit Command Mode: Press
the [Esc] key several times to return to the main menu. From the
main menu, type 7 and press [Enter] to save the network parameters
entered in Step 2 above. After parameters have been saved, type 8 and
press [Enter] to exit from command mode.
4. Access Command Mode via Network: Start your communications
program, and then key the NetLink II's IP address (defined in Step 2a)
into the address field. Select TCP Port 23 and then click OK or
press [Enter].
a) A login prompt will be displayed; key in your login name and
press [Enter], and then key in the password and press [Enter].
The default login name and password are both "SUPER" (all
uppercase, no quotes.)
b) After a brief pause, the READY message will be displayed. Press
[Enter] to display the NetLink main menu.
After you have successfully accessed command mode, you are then ready to
connect your PBX, configure the NetLink II unit and begin collecting data.
3.4. Connect your PBX to the NetLink II
The NetLink II can collect data from both a local PBX unit, connected by
cable directly to the PBX Input Port and from a second RSP compatible
PBX unit (PBX-IP) that communicates with the NetLink via an IP
connection to the NetLink’s Ethernet port.
Connecting a PBX to the NetLink II PBX Input Port: Use an
appropriate data cable to connect your PBX SMDR port to the
NetLink II PBX Input Port. The serial PBX Input Port is a male, DB9
connector, wired in a DTE configuration. The type of cable used will
vary, depending on the configuration of your PBX. For a description
of NetLink’s PBX Input Port interface, please refer to Appendix B.
Connecting to a PBX via the Network Port (PBX-IP Port): Refer
to your PBX user’s guide, and then configure your RSP compatible
PBX to send data to the IP address for the NetLink II unit (defined in
Step 2a in Section 3.3.2.) In the default configuration, the NetLink II
will receive data via port number 9000.
This completes the Quick Start Guide for the NetLink II. Prior to placing
the unit into operation, it is recommended to refer to the remainder of
this User's Guide for complete installation, configuration and operation
procedures. If you have further questions regarding the IPS unit, please
contact WTI Customer Support as described in Appendix E.
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