Other Menu Functions
16.2.4. Send Test SNMP Trap(s)
This function will send a test SNMP trap to the network manager(s). In
order to function, SNMP Managers must first be defined and selected as
described in Section 5.4.5. When this function is executed, NetLink II will
send an SNMP Trap to each defined SNMP Manager.
16.2.5 Send Test SYSLOG Message
This function will send a test SYSLOG Message to the currently defined
SYSLOG IP Address. The SYSLOG IP Address is defined via Item 33 in
the Network Port Configuration menu (as described in Section 5.4.5.)
16.3. Reboot System (Default)
This function (Main Menu, Item 21), can be used to Reboot the NetLink II
unit and/or reset parameters to default values. Note that this option is only
available when you have logged into command mode using an account that
permits access to Administrator Level commands.
The Reboot function offers the option to include or omit network
parameters, SSH keys, and other user-selected parameters. To reboot the
unit or reset parameters to default, go to the main menu, type 21 and press
[Enter]. The "Reboot System" function offers the following options:
1. Reboot Only (Do Not Default Parameters): Reboots the NetLink II
unit, but does not reset parameters to default values.
2. Reboot & Default (Keep IP Parameters): Reboots the NetLink II
unit, and sets all user-defined parameters to default values, except for
the IP address, Gateway Address and Subnet Mask. NetLink II will set
all parameters to default values, except for those parameters that are
required in order to contact the unit via network.
Although the IP Address, Gateway Address and Subnet Mask
may be retained, Telnet Access will be disabled after the Default
procedure is performed.
In order to communicate with the NetLink II via Telnet after
resetting the unit to defaults, you must first access command
mode via either Console Port or Modem, and use the Network
Parameters menu to enable Telnet Access as described in
Section 3.2.3 or Section 5.4.5.
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