PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
16.2.3. Test Pager
The Test Pager function sends a test message or number to your
alphanumeric or numeric pager. When testing an alphanumeric pager,
NetLink II will send the message "Test Page from PollCat NetLink". When
testing a numeric pager, NetLink II can send a numeric message entered at
the Phone Number prompt.
To initiate the pager test, go to the System Diagnostics menu, type 3 and
press [Enter]. NetLink II will display the screen shown in Figure 16.3.
Enter parameters for the Pager Test as follows:
1. Phone #: The phone number for your numeric pager or alphanumeric
pager service. Type 1, press [Enter], and follow the instructions in
the submenu.
a) For numeric pagers, this prompt can specify both the pager
number and a numeric "message". In this case the phone number
is entered as follows:
Where PHONENO is the pager number, and MESSAGENO is
any user-selected number. For example, to dial 555-1212
and send the message "333", the phone number would be
2. Pager ID #: When testing an alphanumeric pager, this item defines
the Pager ID number. Type 2, press [Enter], and follow the
instructions in the submenu. Note that this prompt is not used when
testing a numeric pager.
3. Type: Selects a numeric or alphanumeric pager test. Type 3, press
[Enter], and follow the instructions in the submenu.
4. Start Test: After entering the appropriate information at the prompts,
type 4 and press [Enter] to initiate the pager test. To cancel a test in
progress, use the "Clear Alarm Condition" function as described in
Section 16.1.4 or type ^B30 and press [Enter].
1. Phone #: (undefined)
2. Pager ID #: (undefined)
3. Type: Alpha
4. Start Test
Enter Selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 16.3: Pager Test Menu
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