Other Menu Functions
1. Load & Test Memory
2. Send Test Message
3. Test Pager
4. Send Test SNMP Trap(s)
5. Send Test SYSLOG Message
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Figure 16.2: System Diagnostics Menu
16.2. System Diagnostics
The System Diagnostics menu allows access to functions used to test
memory, modem communication, pager, and SNMP Trap operation.
16.2.1. Load and Test Memory
This function tests NetLink II's internal memory. When activated,
NetLink II will clear the internal data flash and load a test pattern which is
used to verify memory conditions.
CAUTION: When this test is performed, all data stored in
NetLink II's memory will be lost. Note, that user-defined
parameters will not be effected.
To initiate this test, go to the System Diagnostics menu, type 1 and press
[Enter]. NetLink II will display a confirmation prompt. To proceed with
the test, type Y, press [Enter], and wait for the test to be completed.
When the test is complete, NetLink II will list all installed memory
modules, along with the Pass/Fail status of each module. If test results
indicate a memory error, please contact WTI Customer Service as described
in Appendix E. To return to the System Diagnostics menu when the test is
complete, press [Esc].
16.2.2. Send Test Message
This function is used to test the modem transmitter. When the Send Test
Message function is enabled, the unit will send a continuous test message
which should be received by your PC. If the test message is not received,
this could indicate that NetLink II's modem is not transmitting properly.
To initiate this test, go to the System Diagnostics menu, type 2 and press
[Enter], a submenu will appear. Select "On" to enable the test. To exit the
Send Test Message Mode, press [Esc].
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