PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
16.1.6. Audit Trail
The Audit Trail Function displays a record of command activity at the
Console Port, Modem Port, Network Port or Server function. When the
Audit Trail function is activated, NetLink II will create a log which lists
command activity at that port.
Each activity record is time/date stamped and arranged in chronological
order. The Audit Trail function uses flash memory to store records for up to
128 events. To create and review the Audit Trail, proceed as follows:
Note: Audit Trail records can also be sent to the SYSLOG IP
address, as described in Section 5.4.5.
1. Enable Audit Trail Log: Go to the configuration menu for the desired
port(s) (see Section 5.4), and enable the Audit Trail function. Item 15
in each port configuration menu is used to enable/disable the
Audit Trail.
2. Log Actions: After enabling the Audit Trail at the desired port, allow
the port to log command actions. NetLink II will only log activity at
ports where the Audit Trail is enabled.
3. Review Audit Trail Log: To display Audit Trail records, access
the System Functions menu (Main Menu, item 3). From the System
Functions menu, type 6, press [Enter] to display the Audit Trail
Functions menu. The Audit Trail Functions menu offers the
following options:
a) Set Audit Trail Read Parameters: This function selects the
Start Record and Record Count. The Start Record determines
where the data release will begin, and the Record Count
determines how many records will be released at a time.
b) Enter Audit Trail Read Session: Displays log records as
specified by the Audit Trail Read Parameters.
c) Erase All Audit Trail Records: Erases log records. Note that
erased records cannot be recovered.
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