Other Menu Functions
16.1.4. Clear Alarm Counters
This function is used to reset Alarm Clue Counters to zero:
1. From the Main Menu, type 3 and press [Enter] to access the System
Functions Menu. From the System Functions Menu, type 5 and
press [Enter].
2. NetLink II will prompt the user to select Alarm Filter 1 or 2. Key in
the number for the desired filter and press [Enter].
3. NetLink II will list all clues for the selected Alarm Filter.
a) To reset the counter for a specific Alarm Clue, key in the name of
the desired clue and press [Enter].
b) To reset counters for all clues for the selected Alarm Filter, type *
(asterisk) and press [Enter].
c) To exit from the clue selector screen and return to the Alarm
Filter selector screen, press [Esc].
16.1.5. Download Parameters
The Download Parameters function is used to save NetLink II parameters
and configuration settings to an ASCII file. For more information on saving
and restoring parameters, please refer to Section 14.2.
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