PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
16.1.2. Monitor Mode
The Monitor Mode is similar to the Pass-Through Mode, in that it also
allows direct communication with devices connected to the NetLink II unit.
Note however, that while Monitor Mode is active, NetLink II will store new
PBX records and will continue to check for records that match Alarm Clues.
To activate the Monitor Mode proceed as follows:
1. From the Main Menu, type 3 and press [Enter] to access the System
Functions menu.
2. From the System Functions menu, type 3 and press [Enter].
NetLink II will prompt the user to specify a destination port. Key in
the number for the desired port and press [Enter].
3. To exit Monitor Mode and return to command mode, type ^B30 and
press [Enter].
16.1.3. Clear Alarm Condition
The "Clear Alarm Condition" function is used to cancel pending Alarm
Actions. Note that this function will not clear Alarm Counters, and
therefore, additional records that match a counter which has passed the
threshold will continue to generate additional Alarm Actions.
Example: Assume that the counter for an Alarm Clue named "TEST" has
exceeded its threshold and has generated five pending Alarm Actions. If
the Clear Alarm Condition function is invoked, pending actions will be
canceled, but the counter for TEST will not be reset. Any additional call
records that match the TEST Clue will generate additional Alarm Actions.
To activate the Clear Alarm Condition function from the Main Menu,
type 3 and press [Enter] to access the System Functions menu. From the
System Functions Menu, type 4 and press [Enter]. All pending Alarm
Actions will be canceled.
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