16. Other Menu Functions
In addition to the configuration and polling features discussed previously,
the NetLink II menu system also includes functions related to system
management and diagnostics.
16.1. System Functions
The System Functions menu (Figure 16.1), is used to access features related
to general system management.
16.1.1. Pass-Through Mode
The Pass-Through Mode allows direct communication with devices
connected to NetLink II ports, and can be used to communicate via the
serial PBX Input Port, PBX IP Port, Console Port or Modem Port.
Note: While Pass-Through Mode is active, NetLink II will not
store additional data, and will not check for new records that match
alarm clues.
To activate the Pass-Through Mode proceed as follows:
1. From the Main Menu, type 3 and press [Enter] to activate the System
Functions menu.
2. From the System Functions menu, type 1 and press [Enter].
NetLink II will prompt you to specify a destination port. Key in the
number for the desired port and press [Enter].
CAUTION: Do not attempt to alter PBX configuration unless
you are authorized to do so. Please refer to the PBX user's
guide for further instructions.
3. To exit Pass-Through Mode and return to command mode, type ^B30
and press [Enter].
1. “Passthrough” Mode
2. “Monitor” Mode
3. Clear Alarm Condition
4. Clear Alarm Clue Counters
5. Download Parameters
6. Audit Trail Functions
7. Upload Firmware
8. Download SSH Server Key
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 16.1: System Functions Menu
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