Buffer Functions (Polling)
15.5. Retrieving Data Using the Server Function
The Server feature allows you to use your SFTP or FTP client to retrieve
data from the NetLink II unit. When the Server feature is properly
configured and enabled, the NetLink II will function as an SFTP/FTP file
server, allowing you to download files as needed.
In order to use this feature, your installation must include the following:
A network connection to the NetLink II unit. Note that the network
must be running TCP.IP in order to retrieve data using your SFTP or
FTP client.
An appropriate SFTP or FTP client.
To configure the Server feature, access the NetLink II command mode, and
then select parameters as described in Section 5.4.7.
15.5.1. File Names Created by the Server Feature
When the Server feature is used, NetLink II will assign a name to the file
that contains the data. This file name will be based on the user-defined
base file name, the source port and the data type. File names created by the
Server feature do not include an extension. As shown in Figure 15.5, the
file name consists of the following components:
Note: This file naming convention applies only to data that is
transferred by the Server feature. A different file naming convention
is employed when data is transferred using the Push feature.
File Name (Up to Four Characters): The base file name that is
defined via item 3 in the Server configuration menu. If the file name is
not defined, NetLink II will use the first three characters of the Site ID
message. If the Site ID message is not defined, the letters "PNL" will
be used. Note that if the file name is less than four characters long, the
remaining characters in this field will not be used.
Figure 15.5: Server Function File Names
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