PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
15.4.2. Push Start Time
The "Start Time" parameter in the Push Configuration menu allows you to
specify an exact start time for a Push operation. The Start Time is indicated
using 24 hour (military clock) format. Note that the Push operation
specified by the Push Start Time will be performed in addition to any
Periodic Push actions that are defined, and that after the Push Start Time
elapses, additional Periodic Pushes will be scheduled relative to this user
defined Start Time.
For example, assume that the Periodic Push value is 120 minutes (two
hours.) Normally, NetLink II might perform a Periodic Push at 1:30, 3:30,
5:30 and etc. However, if the Push Start Time is then set at 4:00, NetLink II
will perform the 1:30 and 3:30 Periodic Pushes according to the previous
schedule, but will then perform an additional Push at 4:00 (as specified
by the Push Start Time), the timer will then be reset, and the next periodic
push will not occur until 6:00 (two hours after the start time,) and additional
periodic pushes would be scheduled for two hour intervals after the Push
Start Time.
Providing that all Server parameters are defined, and the real-time clock
has been accurately set, the Push Start Time will cause the unit to perform
one Push operation at the specified start time, and then reset the timer for
Periodic Push operations. After the Push Start Time is selected, it will
be applied once during the next 24 hour period, and that Start Time will
effectively be established as the new "zero hour" for timing future periodic
push operations.
Note: Although the Push Start Time will normally only be
observed once during the 24 hour period after it is first set, the Push
Start Time will also apply when any of the following events occur:
When the Push Start Time is defined or changed.
When the "Push Action" parameter (Push Configuration Menu,
Item 32) is enabled or re-enabled.
When the value for the "Periodic Push" parameter (Push
Configuration Menu, Item 33) is changed.
When saved parameters are uploaded to the NetLink II unit as
described in Section 14.2.
When the NetLink II unit is powered Off, and then powered
On again.
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