Buffer Functions (Polling)
7. Erase All Data & Clear Alarm Counters: Erases all stored records
(including records in partitions owned by other ports), and resets all
Alarm Clue Counters to zero.
Note: Erased call records cannot be recovered.
8. Release Remote Partition: (Administrator Mode Only) Releases a
partition established by another port. Allows access to data assigned
to another port. Note that a remote partition cannot be released while
another port is in the process of reading data from that partition.
15.2.2. Read Session Parameters
The Set Read Session Parameters submenu (Figure 15.3) is used to select
options that are applied when data is released.
Note: If the port partition has not been set, values selected for
the Source Port and Data Type options will determine the partition
location. When a Read Session is initiated, or the Set Partition
option is selected, the partition is set according to the Source Port
and Data Type options.
1. Source Port: NetLink II can release all data, or only data received via
a selected port. You may select the serial PBX Input Port, the PBX IP
Port, or both.
1. Source Port: PBX, PBX IP
2. Data Type: All
3. Start Record: 1
4. Record Count: All
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 15.3: Set Read Session Parameters Menu
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