PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
12.3. The Auto Execute Function
Both the Callout action and Console action allow NetLink II to
automatically execute a user-defined command string. This command
string is usually employed to report system status or download data to the
polling device.
The Auto Execute command consists of a string of ^Bxx Commands, which
are listed in Section 17 of this User's Guide. Note that when the Auto-
Execute string is defined, commands are entered without the ^B character,
and each individual command is separated by a backslash followed by a
forward slash character.
Example 1: To display system status and then download all stored alarm
records, the Auto Execute string would be defined as follows:
16 Indicates ^B16 (Display System Status).
01,ALM Indicates ^B01,ALM (Download all Alarm Records).
Example 2: To Display the Site ID message, display the reason for
the Callout or Console action, and then download all alarm records that
matched a clue named "TEST", the Auto Execute string would be defined as
03 Indicates ^B03 (Send Site ID Message).
18 Indicates ^B18 (Display Reason for Callout or
Console Action).
01,"TEST" Indicates ^B01,"TEST" (Release Alarm Records
for the Alarm Clue Named "TEST").
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