PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
2.2. Back Panel
Figure 2.2: Back Panel
AC Power Components: On/Off Switch and Power Cable receptacle.
Network Port:
A 100Base-T connector with two LED indicator(s):
ACTIVITY: Flashes when data or commands are transmitted.
LINK: Lights when a network connection is present.
Service Port: For factory use only
Console Port: For connection to a local PC or terminal.
PBX Input Connector: A DB9 Connector (DTE) used for connection
to your PBX SMDR Port.
Set-Up Switches: A bank of four dip switches, which are used to
select options and configuration settings as described in Section 4.2.
Default Button: Used to reset the NetLink II to defaults and clear
memory as described in Section 4.3.
Phone Line: For connection to your telecommunications (phone) line.
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