11. The 80% Full Alarm
The 80% Full Alarm is designed to notify the user when internal memory
is nearly full. When memory becomes 80% full, NetLink II can send an
SNMP Trap, call a modem or pager, send email notification or contact the
user via the Console Port.
To configure the alarm, go to the Main Menu. Type 25 and press [Enter]
to access the Alarm Configuration menu. When the menu appears, type 5
and press [Enter]. The 80% Full Alarm Configuration Menu (Figure 11.1)
offers the following options:
1. 80% Full Alarm: Enables/disables the 80% Full Alarm. In order to
function, the alarm must be enabled.
Alarm Action Parameters:
21. Action: Determines how NetLink II will react when an 80% Full
Alarm is generated. The options are None, Callout, Alphanumeric
Page, Numeric Page, SNMP Trap, Email / Text Message, or Console
action. For more information, please refer to Section 12.
22. Phone Number: The number dialed for a callout or page.
Note: For Numeric Paging, this prompt can specify both a phone
number and numeric "message". In this case, the number is entered
as follows:
Where PHONENO is the pager number, and MESSAGENO is any
number that notifies the user that an alarm has occurred. For
example, to dial 555-1212 and send the message "999", item 3
would be defined as "5551212@999#".
23. Pager ID 1: The first Pager ID Number dialed for an Alphanumeric
Page action. NetLink II can dial up to three pagers for this alarm.
24. Pager ID 2: The second Pager ID Number for the 80% Full Alarm.
25. Pager ID 3: The third Pager ID Number for the 80% Full Alarm.
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