PBX Inactivity Alarms
30. Execute Commands: The command string performed when the Auto
Execute feature is enabled, and a callout or console action is generated.
This command string consists of a series of ^Bxx commands, which
are listed in the Command Help Screen, and discussed further in
Section 17. For more information, please refer to Section 12.3.
(Up to 64 characters; Default = undefined).
Example: To send the Site ID Message and then send all alarm records, the
Auto Execute Command String would be defined as "03/01,ALM".
When the Auto-Execute string is defined, commands are entered
without the ^B character, and each individual command is
separated by a slash character.
In order for the Auto Execute feature to function, item 29 must be
enabled, the command string must be defined under item 30, and
the action must be set at either Callout or Console.
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