2. Unit Description
2.1. Front Panel Indicators
Figure 2.1: Front Panel Indicators
SYSTEM Indicators:
ON: Lights when power is applied to the unit.
RDY: Flashes slowly to indicate the unit is operational.
ALM: Lights when a Toll Fraud Alarm or PBX Inactivity Alarm is
MEMORY Indicators:
A bank of LEDs which light to indicate memory usage.
Percent Full Indicators: Five LEDS which light to indicate
approximate Memory Full conditions.
MODEM Indicators:
Two LEDs which indicate modem conditions as follows:
RI: (Ring Indicator) Lights when the NetLink II's internal modem
is ringing.
DCD: (Data Carrier Detect) Lights when carrier is detected.
INPUT Indicators:
A bank of four LEDs which indicate data reception as follows:
CP: Lights when commands are received via the Console Port.
PBX: Lights when data is received at the PBX input port.
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