PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
Example 1: Repeated Attempts to Access Voice Mail
This Alarm Clue counts short calls to voice mail. This type of call could
indicate that a caller is dialing into voice mail and randomly trying access
codes in an attempt to find an outside line.
For this example, assume the Alarm Filter Format is defined as in
Figure 9.7. Note that the first three lines in Figure 9.7 are sample call
records, and the fourth line is the Alarm Filter Format. The variables A, B,
and D are not used for this clue.
CCCCC is the first five characters of the username.
EEEEE is the field that lists the call duration.
Match Parameters for this Alarm Clue would be defined as follows:
C=VMAIL Counts calls with "VMAIL" in the username field.
* is the logical "AND" operator.
E<=00:30 Tells NetLink II to count calls which last 30 seconds
or less.
|08:18|001|VMAIL |IN | |00:20|00.00|
|08:20|092|J.SMITH |OUT|18008547226 |01:07|01.30|
|08:21|001|VMAIL |IN | |00:15|00.00|
Figure 9.7: Alarm Filter Format; Match Parameters Example 1
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