The Alarm Filters (Toll Fraud Detection) Logical OR Conditions
The OR operators (+ and |) link parameters in a manner where any of two
or more conditions must be true in order for the call record to be counted.
Example: Assume the variable "A" represents the field for the number
dialed, and "B" represents the extension number. To define an Alarm Clue
that counts calls placed to 555-1111, OR placed from extension 013, match
parameters would be defined as follows:
A=5551111+B=013 or A=5551111|B=013
This Alarm Clue would count all calls that are placed to 555-1111 OR
placed from extension 013. Calls to 555-1111 from extension 086 would be
counted, and calls to 555-2222 from extension 013 would also be counted.
9.6.2. The "Contains String" Operator
The "Contains String" Operator ($) allows the NetLink II to search an entire
variable field for a given value or text string, without regard for the item's
position within the field.
For example, assume the variable "A" represents the first eleven characters
in the field for the number dialed as shown in Figure 9.6. If Match
Parameters are defined as "A$714", then NetLink II will search all eleven
"digits" of the phone number for the value "714". This Alarm Clue would
count any record that contains the string 714 anywhere in the phone
number. This would include records where 714 was the area code, and
records where 714 was a part of the number dialed.
|08:16|075|B.JOHNSON |OUT|17145551212 |00:55|00.00|
|08:18|067|R.JONES |OUT|19495557714 |05:36|00.75|
|08:20|092|J.SMITH |OUT|18007140000 |11:15|00.00|
Figure 9.6: Alarm Filter Format; “Contains String” Example
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