PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
SNMP Traps
Alarm messages, memory full status, and a variety of other conditions can
be reported to your network manager via standard SNMP traps. SNMP
Traps can be used to provide notification when an alarm event occurs, or to
perform a wellness check at user selected time intervals.
Alarm Notification Via Email
The NetLink II can provide prompt notification via email when it’s memory
is nearly full, when the data flow from the PBX is interrupted, or when
one of the user-defined alarms is activated. Alarm Notification can be sent
to two user defined email addresses, and can be configured to include a
message that describes the alarm, the exact call record that triggered the
alarm, and current unit status.
Easy Firmware Upgrades
When program upgrades are available, there is no need to struggle while
removing the old EPROM and installing an updated chip. NetLink II’s
flash memory allows you to upload the latest firmware revisions via modem
or console port.
Disclaimer on Toll Fraud
We do not guarantee that if you use the NetLink II, you will not become
the victim of toll fraud. We provide this device to assist you in minimizing
your exposure to such losses. By monitoring call records as they are
received, you can potentially catch calls that should not be made before
they escalate and cost you large sums of money. However, responding to
alarms and determining what is fraud and abuse are still up to you. Western
Telematic, Incorporated assumes no responsibility for any losses due to
improper use of this product.
Typographic Conventions
In this user’s guide, typefaces and characters are used as follows:
^ (e.g., ^B) Indicates a key combination used to invoke a
command. For example, "^B" (Control B) indicates
that the [Ctrl] key and [B] key should be pressed
COURIER FONT Indicates characters typed on the keyboard.
For example, ^B16 or ^B01.
[Bold Font] Text set in bold face and enclosed in square brackets
indicates a specific key.
For example, [Enter] or [Esc].
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