PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
23. Pager ID 1: The first default Pager ID number. If alphanumeric pager
notification is selected, this is the first pager dialed when an Alarm is
triggered. NetLink II can dial up to three pagers for each clue.
24. Pager ID 2: The second default Pager ID Number.
25. Pager ID 3: The third default Pager ID Number.
26. SNMP Management: The default SNMP Manager, that will receive
SNMP Traps generated by Alarm Clues. IP Addresses for SNMP
Managers are defined via the Network Port Configuration Menu, as
described in Section 5.4.5.
27. Email/Message To: The default email address(es) that will receive
email and text messages generated by Alarm Clues. This item can
select either or both of the two user-defined email addresses, which
are defined via the Network Port Configuration Menu, Item 38
(Section 5.4.5.)
28. Message: Defines the default message sent when the alarm action is
Alphanumeric Page, Numeric Page, SNMP Trap or Console.
29. Auto Execute: Sets the default state for the Auto Execute feature.
When enabled, NetLink II will execute the command string defined
under item 30 when a Callout or Console action is generated.
30. Execute Commands: The default Auto Execute command string.
This command string will be invoked when Auto Execute is enabled,
and a Callout or Console Action is generated.
Example: To send the Site ID Message and then send all alarm
records, the Auto Execute Command String would be defined as
"03/01,ALM". Note that the ^B is not included in the command
string, and that each command is separated by a slash (/).
31. Send Alarm Record: Enables and configures the "Send Alarm
Record" option for the Alphanumeric Page action. When enabled,
NetLink II will include the record that triggered the alarm in the text
that is sent to your Alphanumeric pager. Please consult your pager
service when configuring the Maximum Message Length, Multi-Block
Message and Strip Control Codes options.
Note: The "Send Alarm Record" function applies to the Alarm
Filters only. This function is not available to the PBX Inactivity
Alarms or the 80% Full Alarm.
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