PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
9.1. Common Types of Suspect Phone Activity
The first step in the detection of Toll Fraud, is to determine the type of
calls you wish to monitor. The following types of calls may provide an
indication of potential Toll Fraud:
Repeated unsuccessful attempts to access voice mail
After-hours long distance calls
After-hours calls to your 800 number
Lengthy international calls
Calls to countries where you don't normally conduct business
NetLink II can also be programmed to monitor calls that can indicate
internal phone abuse. Examples of these types of calls are as follows:
Calls to your competitor's phone number
Extensions with exceptionally high call activity
Calls to "900" numbers
All of these call types will have specific characteristics which can be easily
recognized when NetLink II examines PBX call records.
9.2. The Alarm Configuration Menu
To set-up the Alarm Filters, you must first access the Alarm Configuration
Menu. In addition to defining the two Alarm Filters, the Alarm
Configuration Menu is also used to access submenus for the PBX Inactivity
Alarms and the 80% Full Alarm. The Alarm Configuration Menu is only
available in Administrator Mode.
To access the Alarm Configuration Menu (Figure 9.1) from the Main Menu,
type 25 and press [Enter]. Items 1 through 5 provide access to submenus
for the various alarms. Items 21 through 31 define Default Alarm Filter
Action parameters.
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