PollCat NetLink II - User’s Guide
|08:16|075|B.JOHNSON |IN | |00:55|00.00|
|08:18|067|R.JONES |OUT|19495839514 |05:36|00.75|
|08:20|092|J.SMITH |OUT|18008547226 |11:15|00.00|
Figure 8.8: Data Filter Example 4
Example 4: The "Wild Card" Operator
This example shows a Data Filter that uses the "Wild Card" operator.
Assume the Data Filter Format is defined as shown in Figure 8.8.
Where A represents the first seven characters of the call record field that
lists the number dialed.
Assume that you only need to store records for long distance calls. The
Data Filter Action would be set at "Store". Since long distance numbers
begin with the number 1, Match Parameters would be defined as follows:
A=1------ Stores records for calls dialed to any number that begins
with a "1", regardless of the remaining six positions.
Note: Since this Data Filter uses only the first position of the
"A" field, the remaining six positions (specified by the Data Filter
Format) must also be accounted for. The wild card operator (-) is
used to fill out the remaining six positions in the "A" field.
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