The Data Filters
Example 1: Multiple AND Conditions
This example shows a Data Filter that uses multiple AND conditions to
simultaneously monitor two different call characteristics. Assume the Data
Filter Format is defined as shown in Figure 8.5.
A The field that lists the time the call was received or placed.
B The field that lists call duration.
Define a Data Filter that will only store records for calls received or placed
between 8:00 am (08:00) and 5:00 PM (17:00), and lasting longer than five
(5) minutes. The Data Filter Action would be set at "Store", and Match
Parameters would be defined as:
A>08:00 Stores records for calls received or placed after 08:00.
& Logical AND
A<17:00 Stores records for calls received or placed before 17:00.
& Logical AND
B>05:00 Stores records for calls that last longer than five minutes.
|08:16|075|B.JOHNSON |IN | |00:55|00.00|
|08:18|067|R.JONES |OUT|19495839514 |05:36|00.75|
|08:20|092|J.SMITH |OUT|18008547226 |11:15|00.00|
Figure 8.6: Data Filter Example 2
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