18 CDR-01
1. During recording, there are no analog and digital outputs.
2. CDR-01 can play the MP3, WMA or WAV format as below.
MP3 : 44.1kHz sampling frequency, 16bit and 64kbps~320kbps bit rates.
WMA : 44.1kHz sampling frequency, 16bit and 64kbps~320kbps bit rates.
48kHz sampling frequency, 16bit and 64kbps~192kbps bit rates.
WAV : 44.1kHz sampling frequency, 16bit, PCM and stereo format.
3. The built-in SD memory is 8GB. Maximum 32GB SD memory can be used.
4. It may be a little difference between the displayed memory size and the
practical memory size.
5. If disk1 ~ disk5 folders uses all the built-in 8GB memory, then disk6 can not be used.
The window does not display the number of the memory disk 6.
6. Maximum 3GB memory can be used in the memory disc6.
Please assign 3GB memory to the memory disc6 for the AUX recording.
If the memory assigned to the memory disc6 is not 3GB, then the display of the
memory remains is not matched with the practical memory remains because the
display of the memory remains is refer to 3GB.
7. If the memory size of the memory disc6 is over 3GB or there is no memory remains for
recording, then the window displays ‘DISK6 OVERFLOW’ and recording is stopped.
8. If copy some music files to the disk6 folder in a computer and record the AUX music source,
then the track order is changed. Please use the disk6 folder only for the AUX recording.
9. If 100 tracks are recorded in the memory disc6, then the window displays
‘REC FULL’ and recording is stopped.
Delete function is used to delete the files in the memory discs.
1) Delete all the memory discs.
(1) Press the button.
(2) Press the button to select the DELETE MDISK menu.
(3) Turn the switch to select DISK FORMAT menu and press the button.
(4) Press button again when ‘OK?’ is displayed on the window.
All the folders are deleted. 6 folders have to be made to use the SD memory. ( see page 12)
DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER during formatting the memory disc, it causes the
memory disc fault.
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