2) Setting the AUTO PLAY source
(1) Press the button.
(2) Turn the switch to select the AUTO PLAY menu,
and then press the button.
(3) Select the source (CD, USB or DISK 1~DISK 6) to preset and then press the button.
When the Auto Play switch is in off position, CD function is the default function when
the power is turned on. The window displays the total tracks and the unit is in stop
mode. If no disc, then the window displays ‘NO DISC’.
Aux music source can be recorded in the internal memory disk6.
(1) Connect the AUX music source to the recording input terminals (XLR or RCA inputs).
The maximum input level of RCA input is +8dBu.
The maximum input level of XLR input is +20dBu.
(2) Press the button, then the REC button is lit in red. The window displays ‘AUX -> REC’.
If do not press the button, then recording function will be stopped after 7
seconds since the REC button is pressed.
(3) Press the button.
The window displays ‘INIT’ and then start recording.
(4) Press the button long to stop recording.
When the button is pressed during recording, the recorded music is saved as a track.
(5) Maximum 100 tracks can be recorded in the memory disc6.
(6) If record the AUX music source continuously, then a new track is made every 2 hours.
(7) The maximum recording time of the memory disc6 is about 34 hours.
(8) When the recording is end, the recorded track is automatically played.
(9) The window displays the recording status as below.
00 : 00 : 01 means the recording time.
REC 100% means the memory remains.
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