Connecting the Receiver
Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet before making any connections.
The receiver allows you to connect two sets of speakers.
When two sets of speakers are connected, you can select
which speaker set outputs sound or use both sets to
output sound simultaneously. (page 18 about
“Speakers A” and “Speakers B”)
When you connect one set of speakers to either
SPEAKERS A or SPEAKERS B terminal posts, or
when you connect two sets of speakers to both speaker
terminal posts and output sound only from either
speaker set, use speakers whose impedance is 4 to 16
Ω, and set the speaker impedance setting on the
receiver to 4 or 6 Ω (page 11). When the impedance
of the speaker to be used is less than 6 Ω, set the
speaker impedance to 4 Ω.
When you connect speakers to both SPEAKERS A
and SPEAKERS B terminal posts and output sound
from both speaker sets simultaneously, use speakers
whose impedance is 8 to 16 Ω. Set the speaker
impedance setting on the receiver to 4 Ω.
Read the instructions supplied with your speakers.
Pay close attention to speaker wiring polarity. In other
words, connect positive (+) terminals only to positive (+)
terminals, and negative (–) terminals only to negative (–)
terminals. If you get them the wrong way around, the
sound will be out of phase and will sound unnatural.
Unnecessarily long or very thin speaker cables may
affect the sound quality and should be avoided.
Be careful not to short the
positive and negative wires.
Doing so may damage the
Don’t connect more than one
cable to each speaker
terminal. Doing so may
damage the receiver.
Don’t connect a speaker to more than one pair of
speaker terminals.
If you make an incorrect setting for the speakers or the
impedance values, the built-in protection circuit may be
activated resulting in no sound output from speakers.
1Strip about 5/8" (15 mm)
of insulation from the
ends of the speaker
cables, and twist the
bare wires tightly, as
2Unscrew the terminal.
3Fully insert the bare wire.
4Screw the terminal tight.
The following illustration shows which speaker should
be connected to each pair of terminals.
Speaker Connection Precautions Connecting the Speaker Cables
5/8" (15 mm)
+–+– +–+–
Speaker set BSpeaker set A
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