If you have connected an -capable Onkyo DS- A1
Remote Interactive Dock to the TAPE IN or VCR/
DVR IN jacks, you must set the input display to
DOCK for the remote controller to work correctly
(page 17).
If it is an Onkyo component, make sure that the
cable and analog audio cable are connected properly.
Connecting only an
cable won’t work (
page 15).
With some components, certain buttons may not work
as expected, and some may not work at all.
To control an Onkyo component that’s connected via
, point the remote controller at the receiver.
There’s no sound
Make sure your iPod/iPhone is actually playing.
Make sure your iPod/iPhone is inserted properly in the
Make sure the UP-A1 Dock is connected to the
UNIVERSAL PORT jack on the receiver.
Make sure the receiver is turned on, the correct input
source is selected, and the volume is turned up.
Make sure the plugs are pushed in all the way.
Try resetting your iPod/iPhone.
There’s no video
Make sure that your iPod/iPhone model’s TV OUT
setting is set to On.
Make sure the correct input is selected on your TV or
the receiver.
Some versions of the iPod/iPhone do not output video.
The receiver’s remote controller doesn’t control
your iPod/iPhone
Make sure your iPod/iPhone is properly inserted in the
Dock. If your iPod/iPhone is in a case, it may not
connect properly to the Dock. Always remove your
iPod/iPhone from the case before inserting it into the
The iPod/iPhone cannot be operated while it’s
displaying the Apple logo.
Make sure you’ve selected the right remote mode.
When you use the receiver’s remote controller, point it
toward your receiver.
If you’ve connected the UP-A1 Dock to the UP-DT1
radio tuner with the tuner’s Mode Selector switch set
to AUTO, you can switch the input source between the
UP-A1 Dock and the tuner by pressing the [PORT]
button repeatedly on the remote controller.
If you still can’t control your iPod/iPhone, start
playback by pressing your iPod/iPhone model’s Play
button. Remote operation should then be possible.
Try resetting your iPod/iPhone.
Depending on your iPod/iPhone, some buttons may
not work as expected.
The receiver unexpectedly selects your iPod/
iPhone as the input source
Always pause iPod/iPhone playback before selecting
a different input source. If playback is not paused, the
Direct Change function may select your iPod/iPhone
as the input source by mistake during the transition
between tracks.
Can’t record
On your recorder, make sure the correct input is selected.
To prevent signal loops and damage to the receiver,
input signals are not fed through to outputs with the
same name (e.g., TAPE IN to TAPE OUT, or VCR/
When the Pure Audio mode is selected, recording is
not possible because no video signals are output.
Disable the mode before recording.
Standby Power Consumption
In the following case, the power consumption may reach
up to a maximum of 32 W:
You are using the Universal Port jack.
The display doesn’t work
The display is turned off when the Pure Audio mode
is selected.
The functions don’t work
To use , you must make an connection and an
analog audio connection (RCA) between the
component and receiver, even if they are connected
digitally (page 15).
While Zone 2 is selected, the
functions don’t work.
UP-A1 Dock for iPod/iPhone
The receiver contains a microcomputer for signal
processing and control functions. In very rare
situations, severe interference, noise from an external
source, or static electricity may cause it to lockup. In
the unlikely event that this happens, unplug the power
cord from the wall outlet, wait at least five seconds,
and then plug it back in again.
Onkyo is not responsible for damages (such as CD
rental fees) due to unsuccessful recordings caused by
the unit’s malfunction. Before you record important
data, make sure that the material will be recorded
Before disconnecting the power cord from the wall
outlet, set the receiver to Standby.
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