If you have any trouble using the receiver, look for a
solution in this section.
Can’t turn on the receiver
Make sure that the power cord is plugged into the
electric outlet properly.
Unplug the power cord from the electric outlet, wait 5
seconds or more, then plug it in again.
There’s no sound or it’s very quiet
Make sure the speaker set A or B is on (page 18).
Make sure that all audio connecting plugs are pushed
in all the way (page 13-16).
Make sure that the polarity of the speaker cables is
correct, and that the bare wire is in contact with the
metal part of each speaker terminal (page 9).
Make sure that the speaker cables are not shorting.
Make sure that the inputs and outputs of all
components are connected properly.
Make sure that the correct input source is selected
(page 18).
If the MUTING indicator is shown on the display,
press the remote controller’s [MUTING] button to
unmute the receiver (page 18).
If your turntable uses an MC cartridge, you must
connect an MC head amp, or an MC transformer and
a phono preamp.
While a pair of headphones is connected to the
PHONES jack, no sound is output from the speakers.
(page 18).
Noise can be heard
Using cable ties to bundle audio cables with power
cords, speaker cables, and so on may degrade the
audio performance; do not bundle audio cables
together with power cords or speaker cables.
An audio cable may be picking up interference. Try
repositioning your cables.
The tone controls have no effect
If the DIRECT is turned on, or PURE AUDIO button
lights up, the tone controls have no effect. Press the
[AUDIO] or [PURE AUDIO] button to turn the
function off. The PURE AUDIO button’s indicator
will go off (page 19).
There’s no picture
Make sure that all video connecting plugs are pushed
in all the way. (page 13)
Make sure that each video component is properly
connected. (page 13, 16)
If the video source is connected to a composite video
input, your TV must be connected to the
corresponding composite video output. (page 13)
Reception is noisy, stereo FM reception suffers
from hiss, or the FM STEREO indicator doesn’t
Relocate your antenna.
Move the receiver away from your TV or computer.
Listen to the station in mono (page 22).
When listening to an AM station, operating the remote
controller may cause noise.
Passing cars and airplanes can cause interference.
Concrete walls weaken radio signals.
If nothing improves the reception, install an outdoor
The remote controller doesn’t work
After inserting or replacing the batteries, press the
remote controller’s [MAIN] or [Zone 2] button before
you start performing the desired operation
(page 8).
Make sure that the batteries are installed with the
correct polarity (page 5).
Install new batteries. Don’t mix different types of
batteries or old and new batteries (page 5).
Make sure that the remote controller is not too far
away from the receiver, and that there’s no obstruction
between the remote controller and the receiver’s
remote control sensor (page 5).
Make sure that the receiver is not subjected to direct
sunshine or inverter-type florescent lights. Relocate if
necessary (page 5).
Can’t control other components
Make sure that REMOTE MODE is set correctly
(page 8).
If you can’t resolve the issue yourself, try resetting
the receiver before contacting your Onkyo dealer.
To reset the receiver to its factory defaults, turn
it on and, while holding down the [TUNING
MODE] button, press the [ON/STANDBY]
Note that resetting the receiver will delete your
radio presets and custom settings.
Remote Controller
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