iPod/iPhone Playback via Onkyo Dock
UP-A1 Dock
With the UP-A1 Dock, you can easily play the music
stored on your Apple iPod/iPhone through the receiver
and enjoy great sound.
You can use the receiver’s remote controller to operate
your iPod/iPhone.
System Function
Auto Power On
If you start iPod/iPhone playback while the receiver
is on Standby, the receiver will automatically turn on
and select your iPod/iPhone as the input source.
Direct Change
If you start iPod/iPhone playback while listening to
another input source, the receiver will automatically
select your iPod/iPhone as the input source.
Using the receiver’s Remote Controller
You can use the receiver’s remote controller to
control basic iPod/iPhone functions (page 34).
Using Your iPod/iPhone model’s Alarm Clock
You can use your iPod/iPhone model’s Alarm Clock
function to automatically turn on your iPod/iPhone and
the receiver at a specified time. The receiver’s input
source will automatically be set to PORT.
To use this function, your iPod/iPhone must be in the
UP-A1 Dock, and the UP-A1 Dock must be connected
to the receiver.
When you use this function, be sure to set the
receiver’s volume control to a suitable level.
When Zone 2 is turned on, you can’t use this function.
You cannot use this function for sound effects on your
Charging Your iPod/iPhone model’s Battery
The UP-A1 Dock charges your iPod/iPhone model’s 
battery while your iPod/iPhone is in the UP-A1 Dock 
connected to the receiver. While your iPod/iPhone is
seated in the UP-A1 Dock, its battery will be charged 
when the receiver is set to On or Standby.
You can specify how the power is fed to your iPod/iPhone
when the receiver is in Standby Mode.
When a UP-A1 Dock with an inserted iPod/iPhone is
connected, the power consumption on standby mode
slightly increases.
Status Messages
If none of the following messages are displayed on the
receiver’s display, check the connection to your iPod/
PORT Connecting
The receiver is checking the connection with the
PORT Not Support
The receiver do not support the connected dock.
UP-A1 Dock is connected.
The receiver displays the message “UP-A1” for several
seconds after recognizing the UP-A1.
Using the Onkyo Dock
Dock is sold separately. Models sold are different
depending on the region.
For the latest information on Onkyo Dock
components, see the Onkyo web site at:
Before using an Onkyo Dock, update your iPod/
iPhone with the latest software, available from the
Apple web site.
For supported iPod/iPhone models, see the instruction
manual of the Onkyo Dock.
The receiver may take several seconds to start up, so
you might not hear the first few seconds of the first
Operating Notes
Functionality depends on your iPod/iPhone model
and generation.
Before selecting a different input source, stop iPod/
iPhone playback to prevent the receiver from
selecting the iPod/iPhone input source by mistake.
If any accessories are connected to your iPod/
iPhone, the receiver may not be able to select the
input source properly.
While your iPod/iPhone is in the UP-A1 Dock, its
volume control has no effect. If you adjust your
iPod/iPhone model’s volume control while it’s in the
UP-A1 Dock, make sure it’s not set too high before
you reconnect your headphones.
The Auto Power On function will not work if you set
your iPod/iPhone in the UP-A1 Dock while it is
When Zone 2 is turned on, you can’t use Auto Power
On and Direct Change functions.
Do not turn off the power with the iPod/iPhone still
connected to this unit via the UP-A1 Dock.
Set your iPod/iPhone in the UP-A1 Dock after the
receiver turns on.
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