Zone 2
In addition to your main listening room, you can also enjoy playback in a second room referred to as Zone 2. In addition,
you can select a different source for each room.
This setup allows 2-channel playback (with the speaker
set A and B) in your main listening room and 2-channel
stereo playback in Zone 2, with a different source in each
Use an RCA audio cable to connect the receiver’s
ZONE 2 PRE OUT L/R jacks to an analog audio input
on your Zone 2 amp.
Connect your Zone 2 speakers to the speaker terminals
on your Zone 2 amp.
The Zone 2 volume must be set on the Zone 2 amp.
If you’re using a power amp with no volume control in
Zone 2, you must set the Zone 2 Out setting to
Vari a b l e ( page 28).
If you have connected your Zone 2 speakers to an amp
with no volume control, set the Zone 2 Out setting to
Variable so that you can set the zone’s volume, balance,
and tone on the receiver.
1Press the [SETUP] button.
The setup menu appears on the display.
2Use the arrow []/[] buttons to select
“3. Zone 2 Setup” and then press [ENTER].
The Zone 2 Setup menu appears.
3Use the arrow []/[] buttons to select:
Fixed: The Zone 2 volume must be set on the
amp in that zone.
Variable: The Zone 2 volume can be set on the
4Press the [SETUP] button.
Setup closes.
Connecting Zone 2
Main room
Zone 2
integrated amp
Zone 2 Out Settings
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