Advanced Setup—Continued
1. Source Setup
Intelli Volume
See page 27.
IntelliVolume does not apply for Zone 2.
This changes the name displayed by the [INPUT]
selector. First use the [INPUT] selector to select the
name of the source you want to change, and then use this
Setup Menu to change the name that’s displayed. Use the
[]/[] buttons to step through the following names.
––– Blu-ray DVD HD DVD VCR DVR
Tivo CableSTB SAT STB PS3 Wii
Xbox PC TV CD TAPE iPod –––
Name Edit
You can edit the name of the radio preset if an FM or AM
preset station is being received. (See page 23)
2. Hardware Setup
Speaker Impedance
See “Configuring the Speaker Impedance” on page 11.
AM Frequency Setup
For AM tuning to work properly, you must specify the
AM frequency step (9 kHz/10 kHz) used in your area.
Note that when this setting is changed, all radio presets
will be deleted.
Default setting: 9 kHz
Auto Standby
When “Auto Standby” is set to “On”, the receiver will
automatically enter Standby mode if there is no
operation for 3 hours with no audio and no video signal
Default setting: On
If you’re listening at a low volume, the Auto Standby
function may detect this as silence.
With some sources, the Auto Standby function may
activate itself during playback.
The Auto Standby function does not work when
Zone2 is on.
UP-A1 Charge Mode
You can specify how the power is fed to your iPod/
iPhone when the receiver is in Standby Mode.
Auto: Power feeding is interrupted when your iPod/
iPhone is fully charged.
On: Power feeding continues even if your iPod/iPhone is
fully charged.
Off: Your iPod/iPhone is not charged.
Default setting: Auto
This cannot be selected if no device is connected to
This setting cannot be selected when:
the UP-A1 Dock with docked iPod/iPhone is not
connected to the receiver, or
the docked iPod/iPhone model is not supported.
When the “UP-A1 Charge Mode” setting is set to
“On”, or to “Auto” with your iPod/iPhone recharging,
the SLEEP indicator is dimly lit in standby mode. In
such conditions, the power consumption of the
receiver slightly increases.
3. Zone2 Setup
Zone2 Out
If you have connected your Zone 2 speakers to an amp
with no volume control, set the Zone 2 Out setting to
Variable so that you can set the zone’s volume, balance,
and tone on the receiver.
Fixed: The Zone 2 volume must be set on the
amp in that zone.
Variable: The Zone 2 volume can be set on the
Default setting: Fixed
Z2 Bass
With this setting, you can boost or cut low-frequency
sounds output from the speakers for Zone 2.
The output can be adjusted from –10 dB to +10 dB in
2dB steps.
Default setting: 0 dB
Z2 Treble
With this setting, you can boost or cut high-frequency
sounds output from the speakers for Zone 2.
The output can be adjusted from –10 dB to +10 dB in 2
dB steps.
Default setting: 0 dB
Z2 Balance
With this setting, you can control the relative volume
level of the left and right speaker for Zone 2.
Default setting: 0
Advanced Setup Menu
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