Listening to the Radio—Continued
Selecting Presets
To select a preset, use the number buttons on
the remote controller, the remote controller’s
CH/ALBUM [+]/[–] buttons or the receiver’s
PRESET / buttons.
Deleting Presets
1Select the preset that you want to delete.
See the previous section.
2While holding down the [MEMORY] button,
press the [TUNING MODE] button.
The preset is deleted and its number disappears
from the display.
Name Edit
You can enter a custom name for radio preset for easy
identification. When entered, the custom name will
appear on the display.
The custom name is edited using the character input
1Press the [SETUP] button on the remote
2Use the arrow []/[] button to select
“1. Source Setup,” and then press [ENTER].
3Use the arrow []/[] button to select
“Name Edit,” and then press [ENTER].
4Use the arrow []/[]/[]/[] button to
select a character, and then press [ENTER].
Repeat this step to enter up to 10 characters.
5When you’ve finished editing the name and
want to store it, be sure to use the arrow
[]/[]/[]/[] button to select “OK” and
then press [ENTER]. If you fail to do this,
the name won’t be saved.
Switches the displayed character.
Select these to move the cursor within the Name
input area.
Enters a space character.
Back Space*2:
“Back Space” moves the cursor backward one
character space. In addition, “Back Space”
deletes the character to the left of the cursor.
Specifies that the entry is complete.
*1 You can also perform this on the remote
controller by using >10.
*2 By pressing [CLR] on the remote controller, you
can delete all characters in the input.
This procedure can also be performed on the receiver
by using [SETUP], TUNING[ ]/[], PRESET []/
[], and [ENTER].
Press [RETURN] to return to the previous menu.
Switching the Display
When receiving AM or FM, you can press the remote
controller’s [DISPLAY] button to switch the display
between the name you specified in Name Edit and the
frequency that’s being received.
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