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This section explains how to record the selected input source to a component with recording capability, and how to
record audio and video from different sources.
Audio sources can be recorded to a recorder (e.g.,
cassette tape deck, CDR, MD recorder). Video sources
can be recorded to a video recorder (e.g., VCR, DVD
1Prepare the recorder:
Set the recorder so that it’s ready for recording.
If necessary, adjust the recording level on the
See the recorder’s manual for more information.
2Use the receiver’s [INPUT] selector, or the
remote controller’s INPUT SELECTOR
buttons to select the component that you
want to record from.
3Start playback on the component selected
in step 1.
If you select another input source during recording,
the newly selected input source will be recorded.
The volume, balance, mute and tone controls have no
effect on the signal being recorded.
You can overdub audio onto your video recordings by
simultaneously recording audio and video from two
separate sources. This is possible because the audio
source is recorded when an audio-only input source,
such as TAPE, TUNER, or CD is selected; the video
source can be recorded simultaneously when a video
input source is connected to BD/DVD, CBL/SAT or
In the following example, audio from the CD player
connected to the CD IN jacks and video from the
camcorder connected to the GAME IN jack are recorded
by the VCR connected to the VCR/DVR OUT jacks.
1Prepare the camcorder and CD player for
2Prepare the VCR for recording.
3Press the remote controller’s [GAME]
4Press the remote controller’s [CD] INPUT
SELECTOR button.
This selects the CD player as the audio source, but
leaves the camcorder as the video source.
5Start recording on the VCR, then start
playback on the camcorder and CD player.
Video from the camcorder and audio from the CD
player are recorded by the VCR.
Recording the Input Source
Recording Audio and Video from
Separate Sources
video signal
audio signal
CD player VCR
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