Connecting Your Components—Continued
1Make sure that each Onkyo component is
connected with an analog audio cable
(connection 3 in the hookup examples)
(page 14).
2Make the connection (see the
With (Remote Interactive), you can use the
following special functions:
System On/Auto Power On
When you start playback on a component connected via
, while the receiver is on Standby, the receiver will
automatically turn on and select that component as the
input source.
Direct Change
When playback is started on a component connected via
, the receiver automatically selects that component as
the input source.
Remote Control
You can use the receiver’s remote controller to control
your other -capable Onkyo components, pointing the
remote controller at the receiver’s remote control sensor
instead of the component.
•Use only cables for connections. cables
are supplied with Onkyo players (CD, etc.).
Some components have two jacks. You can
connect either one to the receiver. The other jack is for
connecting additional -capable components.
Connect only Onkyo components to jacks.
Connecting other manufacturer’s components may
cause a malfunction.
Some components may not support all functions.
Refer to the manuals supplied with your Onkyo
While Zone 2 is on, the System On/Auto Power On
and Direct Change functions do not work.
Connecting Onkyo Components
e.g., CD player e.g., Tape deck
audio cable
audio cable
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