Connecting Your Components—Continued
Refer to the connected component’s instruction manual for details.
Connect a turntable (MM) that has a built-in phono preamp to CD IN, or connect it to PHONO IN with the phono
preamp turned off. If your turntable (MM) doesn’t have a phono preamp, connect it to PHONO IN. If your turntable
has a moving coil (MC) type cartridge, you’ll need a commercially available MC head amp or MC transformer to
connect to PHONO IN. See your turntable’s manual for details. If your turntable has a ground wire, connect it to the
GND screw. With some turntables, connecting the ground wire may produce an audible hum. If this happens,
disconnect it.
Connection 1 and 3 lets you listen to and record audio from the external components while you are in Zone 2. You
can listen to and record audio from the external components in the main room; you can listen to the audio in Zone 2
as well.
If your Blu-ray Disc/DVD player has both main stereo and multichannel outputs, be sure to connect the main stereo
output using connection 3.
How to record a video source
See “Recording” to make connections for video recording (page 21).
No. Jack/Port Connectable components
1UNIVERSAL PORT Universal port option dock (UP-A1 etc.)
2MONITOR OUT TV, projector, etc.
3BD/DVD IN Blu-ray Disc/DVD player
VCR/DVR IN VCR or DVD recorder/digital video recorder, RI dock
CBL/SAT IN Satellite/cable set-top box, etc.
GAME IN Game console, RI dock
TV/TAPE IN TV, cassette tape deck, RI dock
CD IN CD player, Turntable
PHONO IN Turntable
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