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1) Main Power Switch- Turns the main power to the video switcher ON and OFF.
2) IR Sensor Window - For controlling the VS-6 via infrared commands from a hand-held
learning remote (IR codes available for download at www.nilesaudio.com).
3) Component Video Inputs - Six sets of component video (Pb, Pr and Y) RCA jacks
provide input connections for source components.
4) Buffered Cascade Component Video Outputs - Used to connect to a slave
VS-6 or to a home theater receiver. A source connected to a Component Video Input cascades
its video signal out to the corresponding buffered cascade video output. These outputs use the
standard Pb, Pr and Y cables with RCA termination.
5) Zoned Component Video Outputs - Six sets of component video (Pb, Pr and Y)
RCA jacks provide zoned output connections to televisions.
6) Zoned Balanced CAT-5 Component Video Outputs - Six female RJ-45 jacks
for connection to Niles passive component video baluns via CAT-5 cable. These outputs correspond
to the zoned component RCA video outputs and can be used simultaneously with them (use a
C5-HDDA or C5-HDDAWM at TV end).
7) Out To Master Connection - A female RJ-45 jack provides a connection and
communication with a compatible Niles Network MultiZone Receiver for a seamless distributed
audio/video solution.
8) Communication Ports - The six additional RJ-45 Communication Ports are labeled 1-6.
They are used for communications with and control of products such as Niles Network keypads
and the IRG (Infrared Gateway). The communication with these products is done over CAT-5 cable.
9) RS-232 Control Input Connection - A nine-pin DB-9 female jack provides an input
connection for external control devices to operate the VS-6 using RS-232 string codes (codes are
available at the end of manual).
10) IR Control Input Connection - A 3.5mm jack provides an input connection so the
VS-6 can be controlled by IR codes from an Infrared Repeater Main System Unit or from a Niles
MultiZone Receiver (IR codes available for download at www.nilesaudio.com).
11) Voltage Switch - Switches the VS-6 for either 110V or 230V AC power.
12) IEC Power Receptacle - Two-pin power socket to connect the removable power cord.
13) Set Up Dipswitches - Used to designate Unit ID, IR/RS-232 or network control of VS-6.
14) Rack Mount Ears - Two metal rack-mount ears for installation into professional metal rack.
With rack-mount ears installed, the VS-6 is 3U (Units) high.
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