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Figure 5. Connnection using the IRG and CS12V
Figure 6. Proper connection of component video cables
Power Cord
Accessory Cable
NILES AUDIO CORPORATION – 1-800-BUY-HIFI – 305-238-4373 9
either a composite video signal or a 12V status signal from a Niles triggering accessory. The dia-
gram below shows a Niles CS12V (FG01173) programmed to “see” the extra current draw the TV
has when it is powered on. When the power cord for the TV is connected to the current sensing
outlet on the CS12V, the CS12V sees the additional current draw and sends out a 12V trigger via
a 3.5mm to 3.5mm triggering accessory cable (FG00933) to the IRG’s 3-30V AC/DC Sync Port.
A Niles MF1 MicroFlasher (FG01019) connected to the IRG’s IR Flasher Output is used to send IR
codes to turn the TV on/off and switch the TV to the correct input. The IRG has a System RJ-45
connection port that is connected to the VS-6 Communication and Control Port.
Before you begin, make sure all of the cables, wires and the power supply cable are of sufficient
length to reach the VS-6 Component Video Switcher. Label each cable describing where each cable
originates (rather than which terminal on the VS-6 it connects to).
Connect each source’s component video cables to their corresponding input connection on the
VS-6. When making the connection, be sure that the three component video cable RCA jacks are
fully seated and that the color code is followed.
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