12. Upgrading RSM Firmware
When new, improved versions of the RSM firmware become available, the
"Upgrade Firmware" function can be used to update the unit. Updates can be
uploaded via FTP or SFTP protocols.
The FTP/SFTP servers can only be started via the Text Interface.
All other ports will remain active during the firmware upgrade
If the upgrade includes new parameters or features not included in
the previous firmware version, these new parameters will be set to
their default values.
1. Obtain the update file. Firmware modifications can either be mailed to
the customer on a CDR, or downloaded from WTI. Place the upgrade
CDR in your disk drive or copy the file to your hard drive.
2. Access Text Interface command mode via Serial Port, Telnet or SSH
client session, using a username/password and port that permit Supervisor
3. When the command prompt appears, type /UF and then press [Enter].
The RSM will display a screen which offers the following options:
a) Start FTP/SFTP Servers and Save Parameters: To proceed with
the upgrade, while retaining user-defined parameters, type 1 and
press [Enter]. All existing parameter settings will be restored when
the upgrade is complete.
b) Start FTP/SFTP Servers and Default Parameters: To proceed
with the upgrade, and reset parameters to default settings, type 2 and
press [Enter]. When the upgrade is complete, all parameters will be
set to default values.
c) Abort Upload: To cancel the upgrade and return to the command
prompt, type 3 and press [Enter].
Note that if either option 1 or option 2 are selected, the RSM will start the
receiving servers and wait for an FTP/SFTP client to make a connection
and upload a valid firmware binary image.
4. To proceed with the upgrade, select either option 1 or option 2. The RSM
will display a message that indicates that the unit is waiting for data.
Leave the current Telnet/SSH client session connected at this time.
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