The Status Screens
Status: The status for each TCP port.
If the Status Column reads "Active," this indicates the port has
accessed command mode.
If this Telnet session is connected to an RS232 Port, this column will
read "C-nn," where "nn" indicates the connected port for each Telnet
Username: The username that was entered at this port in order to access
command mode.
6.4. The Port Parameters Screens (/W)
The /W (Who) command displays more detailed information about an
individual RSM port. Rather than listing general connection information for
all ports, the Port Parameters screen lists all defined parameters for a specific
The Port Parameters Screens are available to accounts that permit Supervisor
commands and accounts that do not permit Supervisor commands. Note
however, that if your account that does not permit Supervisor commands, the
RSM will only display information for the port from which you have logged
The /W command can be applied to either an RS232 Port or the Network Port.
Figure 6.4 shows the screen displayed when the /W command is applied to an
RS232 Port, and Figure 6.5 shows the screen displayed when an account that
permits Supervisor commands applies the /W command to the Network Port.
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