Confi guration
SNMP Parameters
In the Text Interface, SNMP parameters are found in the Network
Configuration menu (Figure 5.9.) In the Web Browser Interface, SNMP
parameters can be found by first clicking the "Network Configuration"
link, and then clicking the "SNMP Parameters" link to display the SNMP
Parameters Menu (Figure 5.13.)
Enable: Enables/disables SNMP Polling. (Default = Off.)
Note: This item only applies to external SNMP polling of the RSM; it
does not effect the ability of the RSM to send SNMP traps.
SNMP Contact: (Default = undefined.)
SNMP Location: (Default = undefined.)
SNMP Manager 1: The IP Address for the first SNMP Manager. For
more information, please refer to Section 10. (Default = Undefined.)
SNMP Manager 2: (Default = Undefined.)
SNMP Community: (Default = Public.)
Figure 5.13: SNMP Parameters Menu (Web Browser Interface)
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