RSM Series; Remote Site Managers - User’s Guide
IP Security
As described in Section 5.7.4, the IP Security function allows you to restrict
command mode access based on the user’s IP address. In the Text Interface, IP
Security parameters are defined via item 8 in the Network Configuration menu
(Figure 5.9.) In the Web Browser Interface, these parameters are found by
clicking the "Network Configuration" link, and then Clicking the "IP Security"
link. In the default state, IP Security is disabled.
Static Route
The Static Route menu allows you to type in Linux routing commands that will
be automatically executed each time that the unit powers up or reboots. In the
Text Interface, the Static Route menu is accessed via item 6 in the Network
Configuration menu. In the Web Browser Interface, the Static Route menu is
accessed by first clicking the Network Configuration link and then clicking the
Static Route link.
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