Confi guration
Inactivity Timeout: Enables and selects the Inactivity Timeout period
for the Network Port. If enabled, and the port does not receive or transmit
data for the specified time period, the port will disconnect.
(Default = 5 Minutes).
Note: The Inactivity Timeout value is also applied to Direct
Command Echo: Enables or Disables the command echo for the
Network Port. (Default = On).
Accept Break: Determines whether the port will accept breaks received
from the attached device, and pass them along to a connected port. When
enabled, breaks received at this port will be passed to any port this port
is connected to, and sent to the device connected to the other port. When
disabled, breaks will be refused at this port. (Default = On.)
Figure 5.12: Network Port Parameters Menu (Web Browser Interface)
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