RSM Series; Remote Site Managers - User’s Guide
Web Access: Enables/disables the Web Browser Interface. When
disabled, users will not be allowed to contact the unit via the Web
Browser Interface. (Default = Off.)
SSH Access: Enables/disables SSH communication with the RSM.
(Default = On.)
SYSLOG IP Address: The IP Address for the Syslog Daemon that will
receive log records generated by the RSM. For more information, please
refer to Section 9. (Default =
Ping Access: Enables/Disables the ping command. (Default = On.)
Raw Socket Access: Enables/Disables Raw Socket Protocol access to the
Network Port via Direct Connect. (Default = Off.)
Network Port Parameters
In the Text Interface, these parameters are found in the Network Configuration
menu (Figure 5.9.) In the Web Browser Interface, these parameters are found
by first clicking the "Network Configuration" link, and then clicking the
"Network Port Parameters" link to display the Network Port Configuration
Menu (Figure 5.12.)
Supervisor Mode: Permits/denies access to Supervisor commands.
If disabled, the Network port is not allowed to invoke Supervisor
commands. (Default = Permit.)
Note: When Supervisor Mode for the Network Port is set to "Deny,"
accounts that permit Supervisor commands will not be allowed to
access command mode via network.
Logoff Character: Defines the Logoff Character for this port. This
determines which command(s) must be issued at this port in order to
disconnect from a second port. The Logoff Character does not apply to
Telnet Direct Connections. (Default = ^X ([Ctrl] plus [X]).)
Sequence Disconnect: Enables/Disables and configures the Resident
Disconnect command. Offers the option to either disable the Sequence
Disconnect, or select a one character, or three character command format.
(Default = One Character).
The One Character Disconnect is intended for situations where the
destination port should not receive the disconnect command. When
the Three Character format is selected, the disconnect sequence will
pass through to the destination port prior to breaking the connection.
When Three Character format is selected, the Resident Disconnect
uses the format "[Enter]LLL[Enter]", where L is the selected
Logoff Character.
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