Confi guration
Network Parameters
In the Text Interface, these parameters are accessed via the Network
Configuration menu (Figure 5.9.) In the Web Browser Interface, these
parameters can be found by first clicking the "Network Configuration" link,
and then Clicking the "Network Parameters" link to display the Network
Parameters menu (Figure 5.11.)
IP Address: (Default =
Subnet Mask: (Default =
Gateway Address: (Default = undefined.)
DHCP: Enables/Disables Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. When
this option is "On", the RSM will perform a DHCP request. Note that
the MAC address for the RSM is listed on the Network Status Screen.
(Default = Off.)
Note: Before configuring this feature via Telnet or Web, make
certain your DHCP server is set up to assign a known, fixed IP address.
You will need this new IP address in order to reestablish a network
connection with the RSM unit.
Telnet Access: Enables/disables Telnet access to the RSM. When Telnet
Access is "Off," users will not be allowed to establish a Telnet connection
to the unit. (Default = On.)
Figure 5.11: Network Parameters Menu (Web Browser Interface)
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