RSM Series; Remote Site Managers - User’s Guide
Inactivity Timeout: Enables and selects the Timeout Period for this port.
If enabled, the port will disconnect when no additional data activity is
detected for the duration of the timeout period. When the port is set for
Any-to-Any Mode, Passive Mode, or Buffer Mode, the default setting is
"Off." When set for Modem Mode, the default setting is 5 minutes.
The Inactivity Timeout value is also applied to Direct Connections.
The Inactivity Timeout is also applied to non-connected ports
that are left in command mode. If the timeout is enabled, and
no additional activity is detected, an unconnected port will exit
command mode when the Timeout Disconnect expires.
Command Echo: Enables or Disables command echo at this port.
(Default = On.)
Accept Break: Determines whether the port will accept breaks received
from the attached device, and pass them along to a connected port. When
enabled, breaks received at this port will be passed to any port this port is
connected to. When disabled, breaks will be refused at this port.
(Default = On.)
Port Mode Parameters:
Port Mode: The operation mode for this port. Ports 1 and 2 cannot be
configured as Passive or Buffer Mode ports, and the internal modem port
is always configured for Modem Mode. (Port 1 and 2, Default = Any-to-
Any Mode; Serial Ports 3 and above, Default = Passive Mode; Internal
Modem Port, Default = Modem Mode.)
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