Confi guration
General Parameters:
Supervisor Mode: Permits/denies port access to supervisor commands.
When enabled (Permit), the port will be allowed to invoke supervisor
commands, providing the unit is accessed using an account that permits
them. If disabled (Deny), the port may not invoke Supervisor commands.
(Default = Permit).
Note: If the Supervisor Mode is set to "Deny", then user accounts
that permit Supervisor commands will not be allowed to access
command mode via this port.
Logoff Character: The Logoff Character determines the command(s)
or character(s) that must be issued at this port in order to disconnect from
a second port. Note that the Logoff Character does not apply to Direct
Connections. (Default = ^X)
Note: When redefining the Logoff Character, select a character that
does not normally occur in your data. This prevents the RSM from
accidentally disconnecting ports in the middle of a transfer when a
character that accidentally matches the Logoff Character is passed.
Sequence Disconnect: Enables/Disables and configures the Resident
Disconnect command. This offers the option to disable the Sequence
Disconnect, select a one character format or a three character format.
(Default = One Character.)
When a Resident Connection is initiated, the RSM will list the
connected ports, and the command required in order to terminate the
The One Character Disconnect is intended for situations where the
other port should not receive the disconnect command. When the
Three Character format is selected, the disconnect sequence will be
passed to the other port.
When the Three Character format is selected, the Resident
Disconnect Sequence will use the "[Enter]LLL[Enter]", format,
where L is the selected Logoff Character.
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