Confi guration
In most cases, a password with Supervisor Access can be entered at any port,
allowing the user to invoke Supervisor level commands. However, if you
wish to completely deny a specific port’s access to Supervisor commands (even
with a password that normally permits them), the Port Parameters menus can
disable Supervisor commands at ports 3 and above, and the Network Port. The
Supervisor Mode cannot be disabled at Ports 1 and 2 (the System Setup Ports.)
For a summary of commands and status screens available to Supervisors and
non-Supervisors, please refer to Section 13.
5.5.2. Port Access
Each account can be granted access to a different selection of ports. Accounts
with Supervisor access are always allowed to establish connections with all
ports, but accounts without Supervisor Access can be restricted to a specific
port or group of ports. Note also, that several accounts can be allowed access
to the same port.
5.6. Managing User Accounts
The User Directory function is employed to create new accounts, display
parameters for existing accounts, modify accounts and delete accounts. Up to
128 different user accounts can be created. The "User Directory" function is
only available when you have logged into command mode using an account
and port that permit Supervisor commands.
Text Interface: Type /F and press [Enter] to access the System
Parameters Menu. From the System Parameters Menu, type 1 and press
[Enter] to access the User Directory.
Web Interface: Click the "Users" link on the left hand side of the screen
to access the User Directory management menus.
In both the Text Interface and the Web Browser Interface, the user
configuration menu offers the following functions:
View User Directory: Displays currently defined parameters for any
RSM user account as described in Section 5.6.1.
Add Username: Creates new user accounts, and allows you to assign
a username, password, command level, port access rights, and callback
number, as described in Section 5.6.2.
Edit User Directory: This option is used to edit account information, as
described in Section 5.6.3.
Delete User: Clears user accounts, as described in Section 5.6.4.
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